Prehistoric Sites You Must Visit In Ireland

The Emerald Isle is a goldmine of beautiful, prehistoric sites, practically unscathed by modern life. The stone circl...

Celtic Culture to Staunch Christianity

On the international scale, Ireland has been (and still is) viewed as a staunchly Christian nation. The Irish are reg...

Mythological Creatures of Ancient Ireland

Everything you need to know about the mythological creatures that have helped to craft our culture.

The Salmon of Knowledge

Storyteller Eddie Lenihan said “These stories are not yours or mine, they belong to the people who were kind enough t...

Irish Artists You Need To Know About

Ireland is well known for the steady stream of creativity that it has produced over the years. Leading players in fil...

Art has the Potential to Change the World

  Art, in a way, is a form of communication. It allows people from different cultures, languages and times to speak ...

Irish Folklore and Its Relevance Today

Every culture has its own legends, folklore and tales; stories that our parents told us, that we will share with our ...

Mallon Ireland - How to choose a piece of art for your home.

Sculpture is all around us. From monumental public art to local war memorials, stone statues in religious buildings o...
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