Bronze Wedding and Anniversary Gifts

Bronze is extremely durable and capable of lasting thousands of years.  We love the idea that a bronze sculpture from Mallon Ireland could become an heirloom to be handed down through the generations, just like the ancient stories that inspired it; stories told around firesides by our ancestors.

The rich tapestry of Irish history, tradition and myth are woven together to create the Bronze Legend Collection by Charlie Mallon; pieces that reach back into age-old storytelling traditions and connect us to themes that are still relevant today. View the full range HERE.

Each sculpture, one of a limited edition of twelve, is numbered and stamped with the artists motif. The sculpture can take many months to create. It will have been buried in the iron rich soil on the farm resulting in a unique patina, one of the wonderful characteristics of bronze. 

Traditionally in the US, bronze is associated with an eight year wedding anniversary, so would make a perfect present to mark the occasion. 

We present all our bronze sculptures in wooden boxes with an Irish grown linen bag. Each box will also contain a card, with a version of the legend represented by the sculpture retold by local historian and author, Kevin Johnston.

A set of our bronze napkin rings would be a beautiful wedding gift. We created them using gorse bark for the unique pattern. Gorse, with its vibrant yellow fragrant flowers, is one of nine trees which were sacred to the Celts. It symbolised optimism, resilience, fortune and fertility and because of this, sprigs of gorse were often included in wedding bouquets. 

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