Biodiversity on Mallon Farm


We’re applying to join the “Fair to Nature Scheme” backed by the RSPB and are currently doing an audit of biodiversity on the farm here in Northern Ireland. We've had a great time identifying all the different species around the farm. We’ve also enjoyed learning more about all the different uses for the plants;

Bloodroot, Meadowsweet and Redshank, can be all be used as dyes. Meadowsweet produces a mustard yellow colour and the others create red.

There are tasty edibles around the farm such as White nettle, wild strawberries and Pignut.

 Pignut aka Kippernut

Some plants are suitable for textiles such as nettles and Fireweed.

Many of these plants are known by a variety of wonderful names. The pictures below show some of our favourites.

Greater Stitchwort aka Daddy's Shirt Buttons or Star of Bethlehem



Cuckoo flower aka milkmaids, pigeon's eye or shoes and stockings





Herb Robert aka Death Comes Quickly


 Fox Tails



Other plants such as Ragged Robin and Heath Bedstraw are loved by bees and butterflies.

  Ragged Robin aka Marsh gilliflower and Wild William



 Heath Bedstraw



Sometimes we feel like lazy farmers for leaving so much of the land uncultivated, but then we see what nature provides when left alone.




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