A material of war and art, bronze has been used to depict life, spirit and worship. The rich tapestry of Irish history, tradition and myth are woven to create bronze pieces that reach back into storytelling and connect us to themes that are still relevant.

TRADITION RESTARTED - Irish Artist Charlie Mallon with a bronze sculpture


Irish Artist Charlie Mallon has always had a deep connection to the land through farming, family, history and the natural landscape. A self taught metalworker, he uses traditional methods to create the Mallon bronze sculptures. 

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Irish Artist Charlie Mallon


The collection all feature in familiar Celtic legends that echo across Europe and beyond. Stories first recorded nearly a millennium ago through oral tradition.


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Irish Artists inspired by Celtic Legends

The collection of Irish bronze sculpture starts with Charlie Mallon the metalworker and his interest in the Celtic legends and stories that permeate Irish history. Those ideas led to designs that draw from the symbols of Ireland's ancient past and initiated a collaboration with Irish Artists David Rooney, Clare Keys and historian Kevin Johnston. The bronze sculptures are cast in the foundry in Co Tyrone, the family home. Each Mallon bronze embodies our past belief and life spirit.

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