Charlie Mallon


The farm and the foundry - 

Charlie Mallon, sculptor, maker and farmer. 
A steward of the family land and a strong believer in tradition. His hands can deftly work a plough, fire up a welding torch or pull flax plants from the soil.

He loves stories and can tell a fine one. 

Originally trained as a blacksmith at Hereford College, he has been casting metal in rural Co Tyrone for over 20 years. He has created pieces for a diverse range of projects including Chelsea Flower Show for Diarmuid Gavin, Terence Conran and Titanic Belfast.

A stones throw from the family home is where Charlie casts his bronze sculptures watched at a safe distance by his dog O'Malley.

His connection to the land and it's beautiful stories led to the birth of the Bronze Legends.

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