Giving the Gift of Imagination this Christmas

This has been a hard year for everyone. No one has got through it unscathed in any way. For many of us, our priorities have shifted and now we treasure time together more than materialistic gifts. Having our family or friends together is like gold dust. So, when you're wracking your brain this year for a meaningful, heartwarming gift for your loved one this Christmas, think about how time with family is spent: talking! Here at Mallon Ireland, we have a range of beautiful sculptures depicting the characters in the legends we were brought up with and all we pictured them to be. So, if you’re keen on Irish folklore and storytelling, why not consider giving the gift of imagination this Christmas?

Fiacc the Raven

Ravens are considered the most intelligent of birds. They appear across mythologies, revered and feared by Celts, Vikings, Greeks and Romans. In one particular story, Fiacc the raven watches on as Deirdre, daughter of Conor MacNessa, falls in love with Naoise, a poet in Conor’s court. Their love is doomed and Naoise is killed. This exciting and tumultuous story is one many of us have heard before, and perhaps a gift of a bronze raven sculpture could ensure stories of this are passed down families orally. 

Cauldron of Bran

The bronze cauldron sculpture we have available invites thoughts of the rivalry between Welsh king Bran and Irish king Matholwych. As a peace offering, Bran offered his rival his cauldron, which was said to bring the dead back to life. Eventually, they returned to bloody fights and in the end, Bran was struck by a poisoned arrow. His dying wish was to be buried in London, on White Hill. Today, this is where the Tower of London stands.

Check out the sculptures of the Cauldron of Bran we have available, the perfect Christmas gift for someone who means a lot to you. 

Melangell and the Hare

This moving story is about an Irish princess Melangell who fled from her family when she refused to marry and live a life of luxury and riches. She went to the Welsh Pennant Valley, a sacred place in the bronze age and lived a solitary life, surrounded by animals. She treated them with compassion and love. One day, a pack of hounds ran to attack but she prayed so fervently that a hare appeared under her cloak and protected her. Later, she established a small religious community with the aim of providing refuge for those in need. 

Click here to check out more details about this mystifying story.

So, why not preserve the Irish folklore tradition? Giving the gift of imagination this Christmas could be the ideal gift and can bring families closer with the sharing of stories. 

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