2021 on Mallon Farm

As we start a new year, we've been reflecting on some of the events of 2021 here on Mallon Farm.

Winter Solstice

The fact that the days that follow the winter solstice grow longer is thought to denote the triumph of light over dark.

The Boar of Ben Gulbain

Boars were symbols of strength and wealth to the ancient Celts. Symbols of battle on helmets and shields often featu...

Tradition Restarted: Scutching Flax at Mallon Farm

Scutching is the process of taking off all the other outer parts of the flax plant to leave the long fibres. Back in ...

Horses in Celtic Mythology

Horses were much admired by the Celts and feature throughout many of the ancient stories handed down from one gene...

Ogham Stones

Ogham Stones have stood the test of time on the Emerald Isle. Read about Ogham inscription and how it was paired with...

The Earliest Irish Art

The Emerald Isle has always been rife with talented, insightful artists. Let's rewind the years and check out where o...

After the Flax Harvest at Mallon Farm

The flax has changed colour as it dries to a beautiful gold. At this stage we remove the seed heads in a process call...

The Flax Harvest at Mallon Farm

Traditionally, flax is harvested 100 days after being sown. So far that has been our experience here at Mallon Farm, ...

Bronze Wedding and Anniversary Gifts

The rich tapestry of Irish history, tradition and myth are woven together to create the Bronze Legend Collection by C...

Double Retted Flax on Mallon Farm

A spinner has been testing some of last year’s fibre for us. The tests showed that there were still some pieces of th...

Biodiversity on Mallon Farm

We’re applying to join the “Fair to Nature Scheme” backed by the RSPB and are currently doing an audit of biodiversit...
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