The Celtic Festival of Samhain

The Celtic festival of Samhain marked the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter, the darker half of the year...

After the Flax Harvest at Mallon Farm

The flax has changed colour as it dries to a beautiful gold. At this stage we remove the seed heads in a process call...

Tradition Restarted: Sowing Flax 2021

Three acres have now been sown by hand. Once again this year we used a traditional tool for broadcasting seeds ...

Tradition Restarted: Scutching Flax at Mallon Farm

Scutching is the process of taking off all the other outer parts of the flax plant to leave the long fibres. Back in ...

Tradition Restarted: The Process of Growing Flax at Mallon Farm

Charlie Mallon has reintroduced flax to his farm in County Tyrone. He is committed to growing and processing flax usi...

Bronze Legends: The Creation and Casting of a Sculpture

The Bronze Legend Collection of sculptures by Charlie Mallon is inspired by the symbols and stories of the Ancient Ce...

Tradition Restarted: The Reintroduction of Flax to Mallon Farm

All the flax grown at the Mallon farm in Northern Ireland has been harvested by hand, picked and processed using trad...
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