The Art of Printmaking

Collagraphs are a form of relief printmaking created by building up layers of different textures on a flat surface and varnishing to produce a 'plate'.  This is then be used to create prints, one at a time, in variant colours. The artist carefully applies ink to the plate, sometimes using a rolled up cloth to paint on different colours, a technique called "à la poupée". Once the plate has been prepared, it is passed through a printing press to transfer the image onto paper. Before the next print can be created, the artist must clean the plate and reapply ink.

We have a range of limited edition collagraphs and hand pulled screen prints available for sale, inspired by the Celtic myths and legends that have been handed down through generations. You can see the full range from Irish artists David Rooney and Clare Keys HERE.

The collagraph print featured in the picture is based on the story of Embarr the Fairy Horse. Read more about Embarr and see the bronze sculpture inspired by this legend HERE.

A collection of cards featuring images from our prints and the stories behind them can be found HERE


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