The Salmon of Knowledge

Product image 1The Salmon of Knowledge - Mallon Ireland
Product image 2The Salmon of Knowledge - Mallon Ireland
Product image 3The Salmon of Knowledge - Mallon Ireland
Product image 4The Salmon of Knowledge - Mallon Ireland
Product image 5The Salmon of Knowledge - Mallon Ireland

Price £1,450.00

"In days long gone, at a time that is long past, a great salmon named Bradan rested calmly in the Pool of Wisdom on the River Boyne.  The salmon fed on the nuts from the nine hazel trees growing around the pool and all the wisdom of the world became concentrated in his flesh"

Bronze Sculpture by Charlie Mallon.


The Inspiration

This work was inspired by the famous legend of the Salmon of Knowledge and the great leader of Irish warriors Fionn MacCumhail. It was said that Fionn got all his wisdom by being the first to taste the Salmon of Knowledge. There are variations of this story throughout Ireland and Scotland in some of the very earliest texts, so it was a tale well told around many firesides.

The Process

Each sculpture has been created using the ancient lost wax method of bronze casting. It takes the most part of a year to bring a piece to life.
Charlie first creates the work in clay. 
From this, he takes a mould which is used to create a wax version of the sculpture. He adds sprues, risers and pouring points to ensure that the bronze can flow fully around the piece. Layers of molochite are built up around the wax. When a suitable depth has been achieved Charlie heats the molochite shell to melt out the wax. The now hollow shell is placed in sand with just the pouring point visible. The sand holds it in place and also provides protection in case the shell breaks during the pour. Charlie heats the bronze to around 1200 degrees Celsius in a furnace he built himself. Before the hot work begins he rehearses all the movements, ‘the dance of the pour’. The molten bronze is poured into the shell and once cooled, the shell is smashed open to reveal the bronze sculpture. 

A unique patina is developed by burying the newly cast bronze in the iron rich soil by a spa well on the farm in County Tyrone. 

Limited edition of 12.  


Dimensions H130 x L260 x W68 mm

Weight: Unboxed 2.5kg


Each bronze sculpture is presented in wooden box with a handmade Irish linen bag. It has its edition number discreetly stamped on the base, and the details of each purchase are written into our Owner's Register.


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If you would like more information please contact

Charlie  +44 (0) 7899913537      
Helen +44 (0) 7712880775



Irony Metalworks Ltd T/A Mallon Foundry

105 Pomeroy Road
Co. Tyrone,
N. Ireland
BT80 9EY

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