Fiacc the Raven Print

Product image 1Fiacc the Raven - Mallon Ireland
Product image 2Fiacc the Raven - Mallon Ireland
Product image 3Fiacc the Raven Print - Mallon Ireland
Product image 4Fiacc the Raven Print - Mallon Ireland
Product image 5Fiacc the Raven Print - Mallon Ireland

Price £180.00

Collagraph by Clare Keys, 

Fiacc is the Irish for raven, but ravens feature across many different mythologies, a Celtic goddess known as the Morrigan could transform into a raven. In Wales we also have Bran the Raven King and the Norse god Odin had his raven familiars Huginn and Muninn. Ravens are renowned as the most intelligent of birds.

This collagraph by Irish Artist Clare Keys is based on the story of Deirdre of the Sorrows - read the full story HERE

Collagraphs are created by building up layers of different textures on a flat surface and varnishing to produce a 'plate'.  This can then be used to create prints in variant colours. The plates are used for a limited edition of 25 prints. 

A collection of cards featuring the collagraphs and the legend can be found HERE


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Irony Metalworks Ltd T/A Mallon Foundry

105 Pomeroy Road
Co. Tyrone,
N. Ireland
BT80 9EY

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