Mallon Ireland - How to choose a piece of art for your home.


Sculpture is all around us. From monumental public art to local war memorials, stone statues in religious buildings or stunning structures dominating horizon lines; we're lucky to live in a world that celebrates the three-dimensional in art.

And yet, when expanding our art collections or perusing a fair, sculpture is often not the first thing we plan to take home with us. We're more familiar, and therefore comfortable with paintings, photography or prints, so we plump for something 2-D instead. It’s not so much that sculpture doesn’t move us or catch our eye; rather, we are unsure where it should live in our home.

That’s where we come in. In our quest to help our wonderful visitors and online art-lovers fall in love with their perfect artwork, no matter the medium, style or interior, we’ve compiled a handy list of inspirational design hacks to incorporate sculpture into your home. For those who have dipped their toe into collecting sculpture already, you’ll know that investing in a 3D piece can really uplift your home. Choosing to decorate with sculpture is an amazingly simple way to overhaul a room and really add that wow factor. As sculptures come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with materials ranging from bronze, marble, porcelain, wood and even paper, there’s no end to the interior design options when choosing that new piece. So whether your short on space, confidence or ideas, read on for some tips to use sculpture to help bring your rooms to life.



Sculpture may bring to mind works of greying marble or stone; but a sculpture is a great way to incorporate flashes of bright colour to lighter, more subdued spaces without committing to hanging work. Furthermore, you can move your sculpture around with minimal fuss, rather than worrying about rehanging work if the colour is too bold. 


Likewise, adding a diverse texture, particularly within clean and modern interiors, to a room can really help add some grit and contrast to your space without making it feel cluttered. 

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