The Symbols and Traditions of Wedding Anniversaries

When it comes to wedding anniversaries, each year is associated with a specific material that symbolises the milestone. The 8th wedding anniversary is known as the bronze anniversary.  The tradition of associating specific materials with wedding anniversaries dates back to the medieval period in Europe. During this time, it was customary to gift a silver wreath on the 25th anniversary and a gold wreath on the 50th anniversary. As the years went by, additional materials were assigned to each anniversary, including bronze for the 8th year. The materials linked to each year are thought to reflect how relationships become stronger and more resilient over time. The themes progress from paper in year one through to diamond in year sixty and platinum in year seventy.

A bronze sculpture could make a perfect and timeless gift for the eighth wedding anniversary, capturing the essence of this milestone; a piece of art that can be enjoyed for years and handed down from generation to generation. The durability and inherent beauty of bronze as a material makes it a fitting representation of a couple's journey together.  

Click here to see more of our range of sculptures, cast in bronze using the ancient lost wax method. Each sculpture will have its own unique characteristics and patina which will further develop in colour over time. Inspired by the ancient myths and legends of Ireland, each one is part of a limited edition of 12. The bronze comes packaged in a handmade Irish linen drawstring bag, presented in a wooden box and protected by flax tow fibre grown and processed here on the farm.

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