Art has the Potential to Change the World


Art, in a way, is a form of communication. It allows people from different cultures, languages and times to speak to each other through images, sculptures, textiles and other forms of art. Their messages can be for changing opinions and narratives, instilling values and describing experiences. As individuals, the impact of art can be immense. 

Irish art, particularly with a celtic theme, helps to preserve the age-old folktales that every single Irish person has been brought up with. It is a brilliant history teacher that instills a newfound respect for history and lore within us. A good piece of art can transport you to an exact moment in time, and can touch your senses, your body and your mind. Art preserves what fact-based historical records cannot: how it felt to exist in a particular place at a particular time.

A thought - art can cause a behavioural change. It doesn’t tell anyone to do anything, but it can stir a thought, cause engagement and maybe even action. As an example, the portrait of Hagar The Dream Catcher reveals a rebellious woman who believes in her own individuality. To the viewer, the portrait may reveal a strong woman that inspires them to become dream catchers too. Pablo Picasso once even went so far as to declare, “Painting is not made to decorate apartments; it is an offensive and defensive instrument of war against the enemy.” So the assertion can be made that art has the power to move people in many ways. This is how it can change the world.

We are encouraged to cherish intuition and uncertainty and scour the earth for new ideas.  These ideas can lead to the design of useful and meaningful things and are increasingly the basis of livelihoods and enterprises that are motivated by more than profit. Engagement with art has been said to increase our wellbeing through things such as freedom, creativity, self-respect, equality and unity with nature.

It combines the imaginary world with reality and reveals how an artist can see people and places. It motivates people to attribute new meaning to life and existence. The individual may become aware of a feeling that he may not have felt or focused on before.  It decorates, it embellishes, it teaches and it most certainly can change the world. 

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