Mallon land has seen flax before, it rose from the ground for a different set of hands. It will still be welcomed by human touch, harvested by hand, picked and processed traditionally. Irish grown linen is not forgotten, it has just been silent in our fields.


Charlie Mallon has reintroduced flax to his farm in Co Tyrone. Flax is a plant steeped in history, a natural fibre that reaches far back into the past but looks to the future with confidence.

A long term plan, the farm will slowly turn to a seven year rotation of potatoes, flax, oats and grass.  Restoring the soil, protecting the water, supporting wildlife.

Chemicals are unnecessary for this crop when a little time and effort are invested.  Rainwater and springwater are collected for retting. 


Expressions of interest in purchasing Mallon Linen made from the 2021 crop can be sent to

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Proud to support the Nature Friendly Farming Network

Listed below are some small quantities of linen produced from some of the last crops to be grown in Ireland, preserved for a generation by Hermann and Marion Baur of Flaxmill Textiles.  The yarns came from local mills, rescued as they closed, one by one.  They were woven by hand or by vintage looms into precious pieces of history. We feel privileged to be able to offer this linen for sale and every purchase supports the restoration of flax growing and processing in this area.


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