Linen Wedding Anniversary

Although a beautiful gift for any occasion, linen is often associated with the fourth wedding anniversary. The tradition of having a theme for each anniversary dates back to the Middle Ages, and the materials linked to each year are thought to reflect how relationships become stronger over time. The themes progress from paper in year one through to diamond in year sixty.

The aristocrat of textiles and mankind’s oldest fibre, linen stands apart – strong and beautifully classic. Simple, desirable and unapologetic in its characteristics. Linen is a master of fine dining and a steadfast companion in the home. It improves with age and use, getting softer with every wash. When cared for correctly, linen can last for many years making it a beautiful gift.

Four years ago, we began a journey to restart the tradition of Irish grown linen, beginning in the fields of Charlie Mallon’s family farm. We are passionate about reversing the decline in the industry here, not just because it played such a huge part of Ireland’s industrial heritage but also because we believe natural fibres will be at the heart of a sustainable future. No chemicals are needed for this crop when a little time and effort are invested. We collect only rain and spring water for retting and ensure all our processing methods are environmentally responsible.

Looking ahead, we believe that reintroducing flax as part of a crop rotation will have a huge positive impact for the farm and we hope that other farms in the area may follow suit. We are already seeing new wildlife with flocks of linnets and owls and we are looking at new ways to use every part of the plant to make flax one of the least wasteful crops on the planet.

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