June News

Flax update: We're looking forward to seeing the beautiful flowers in a few weeks. They appear for 12 hours and are affectionately known here as the "wee blue blossom". A field of flax in bloom, swaying in the breeze is a wonderful sight and a strong (but not too strong!) wind is good for strengthening the stems. The flax is doing well so far and picture below is of Charlie weeding, taken around three weeks after sowing

Mourne Textiles Fibre to Fabric Campaign

The aim of this exciting crowdfunder campaign is restore vintage flax processing and spinning equipment, to create a sustainable circular supply chain for natural fabrics produced right here on the island of Ireland. This is the game changer we've been waiting for; the missing link in the supply chain. Please help spread the word and join in creating a more sustainable future for the fabric industry in Ireland. Here is a link to the crowdfunding page and some fantastic limited edition rewards to choose from if you are able to make a donation. We are running two open days amongst other rewards. The first in July is planned around the flax flowering. If you'd like to come along and help with the harvest then check out the open day reward planned for August. Both days will include demos, talks and a souvenir to take home.


Mario Sierra from Mourne Textiles




We're delighted to see the Linen Biennale Northern Ireland return for 2023. Save the date for the initial programme launch in Lisburn on Friday July 28th. There will be a joint opening event for 2 new exhibitions at RSpace Gallery and the Island Arts Centre, Lisburn. Click here to find out more.

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