Irish Grown Flax Fibre now on sale

On 31st March we were excited to launch our own fibre for sale on this website. It's a journey that started nearly six years ago. Our interest in growing flax actually didn't begin with linen, but with bronze...

It was whilst trying to source locally grown and processed linen to use as packaging for our range of bronze sculptures that we realised that very little flax is being grown here any more. Charlie's family had grown flax on the farm very successfully at the height of the linen industry, so we thought we would love to restart that tradition. We were lucky to be surrounded by people with a wealth of knowledge and skills they were kind enough to share with us.


It is wonderful to finally have our restored 1940's Mackie's scutching turbine in operation and we are offering a variety of fibre that can be put to many uses.
Our finest fibre is the beautiful long line that is suitable for spinning and weaving into fine linen.
It has been hackled by hand and the feedback we have received on it so far is that it is beautiful to work with.
We also have scutched fibre for sale that is ready to hackle.
This fibre will yield both long line fibre and shorter tow fibre. You could get 30% or more fine line depending on your tools and technique.
We have two grades of tow fibre for sale. Good tow fibre is suitable for hand spinning as well many other uses such as composites, upholstery and bedding. Rough tow is also  suitable for a wide range of uses and may need some further processing depending on how it is to be used.


We include detailed information with every purchase so our customers know know exactly where and how their fibre was grown, harvested and processed. 

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